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Nowadays, overseas study gradually becomes familiar and popular for students. The overseas study meets requirement of study, training and falling in line with world level learning environment. However, it’s not easy to choose a prestige and quality school. For this reason, CALI overseas study club is established in order to create a bridge between students and school.

Why do you choose America for study abroad?

To the best of your knowledge, America is a country with leading education all over the world with over 5,000 universities. Besides, America is also a powerful country in the world in several scientific and technology fields. Arrival in America to live and study is not only dream of Vietnamese students but also the dream of students from other countries in the world.Where will we study? Which school will we study? Which major will we pursue? Are always questions which need to be answered for the students and especially, concern of their parents. We, CALI overseas study club, representative of Humphrey College, California, USA, are honoured to take charge of consulting and answering questions of all students most accurately so that their parents can set their mind at rest when they let their children purse their studies at the school they have chosen.

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