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1. Why should Vietnamese students choose Humphreys?

Because Humphreys has the following advantages:
A. Established for several years (120 years).
B. Students are not required to get CERTIFICATES OF SAT, IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL… because there’re Humphreys English Language Program for international students with low English mark or without IELTS or TOEFL.
C. Low tuition and living expenses: about $25,000/year.

2. How many students does the school have?

Answer: There are 1,200 students (1,000 local students and 200 international students).

3. Which CAMPUS will international students study? Where is it in California?

Answer: The students will be studied in Stockton campus and Sacramento campus. It takes about 30’ from Stockton campus to Sacramento campus (BUS/ DRIVING); Sacramento is capital city of California. It takes about 2 driving hours from San Francisco airport to Sacramento, Stockton.

4. Can students in Humphreys transfer to other schools?

Answer: Because Humphreys has achieved an appraisal standard of WASC (Regional), classes are recognized at all schools in America. For this reason, the students can transfer to all schools all over America.

5. How do international students do if they intend to study in Humphreys but there’s no major such as IT, pharmacy, etc they want to pursue in the school?

Answer: You can pursue your studies in Humphreys in two first years (lower division) and then you can transfer to any school with the major you wanna pursue.

6. How do student do for being granted I-20?

Answer: Fill fully information on the I-20 form. Then, provide school record, academic transcript translated into English and certified by the State authority of your respective country, Passport with term at least 6 months, financial statement with a deposit of over USD 25,000.

7. Can students apply for job while they are studying?

Answer: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires that the students with a work study job may not work over 20 hours a week with a salary of minimum $9.5/hour.

8. Can international students apply for practice or immigrant visa in the United States after graduation?

Answer: Humphreys has references to 200 companies near Silicon Valley so that students can practice through the introduction of the school. The students with excellent study achievements can apply for changing from F-1 Visa to H1B Visa for legal employment.

9. Is it difficult to apply for a student visa? Why visa applications are still rejected in many cases in spite of good study achievement and good financial ability?

Answer: The U.S. Embassy has 1001 reasons for rejecting your visa application. It does not depend on your good academic record or your financial ability whether they will grant your Visa. You must persuade the embassy that (1) You really desire to pursue your studies; and (2) Your family has adequate financial ability to support your study.

10. What if I am concern about the accommodation of my children studying in America because we have no relatives in Stockton and Sacramento.

Answer: Set your mind at rest because the school will provide accommodation to International students. The students will stay at home-stay where they will be met and seen off by manager.

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